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4 major impacts of power outages for companies that are not equipped with diesel generators

June 17, 2022
Although the grid system of contemporary society has been very perfect, but still can not avoid the occurrence of power outages, sometimes the power outage may last only a few minutes to a few hours, but sometimes the power outage may last for days or even longer, the user can take certain necessary measures during the power outage, such as the use of emergency diesel generator sets for power supply, but if the enterprise is not equipped with diesel generator sets, then the long-term power outage may be extremely adverse to the enterprise's Today, TopPower will tell you about the various negative impacts that power outages may have on your business operations and business development, and how to minimize or completely solve the impact of such negative impacts.
Fewer Customers and Lower Revenue
When the utility grid stops supplying electricity and there is no other backup power supply such as diesel generator sets, daily production and operations cannot be carried out normally. As a result, power outages affect product inventory turnover and sales - the longer the downtime during a power outage, the fewer products are sold.
As a result, this will lead to an increase in working capital for your business. When this happens, your business will see a decrease in customers and revenue because the power outage will not be able to produce products on time and in quantity for your customers and provide merchandising services, all of which, will prevent your customers from buying services or products. Even if the power outage is temporary - the money causes unnecessary damage. When the power outage lasts longer, the more damage to your business reputation. Once it reaches a certain stage, the public will have a bad impression of your business and its strength.
Reduced Product Productivity and Productivity
The longer a power outage usually causes equipment to stop running and computers to shut down, the more it affects productivity. If there is no suitable backup power equipment, such as a diesel generator set, during a power outage, then the business will not be able to run and complete production tasks as usual.
Loss of customer data, or other important files
Computer viruses, software corruption and human error are all causes of computer data loss, and that includes power outages! Power outages can occur when the utility grid fails or pulls the plug on a power outage while you are transferring and collecting files or even reading documents. Power outages can cause your files to be lost or corrupted - or in the worst case scenario - damage your hard drive and shorten its life.
Damage to your device or machine
Last but not least, power outages can cause long-term damage to your equipment. Sudden power shutdowns may be one of the causes, but the main cause is the voltage surge that occurs when power is restored. Without any implemented protection or backup power, equipment can be easily damaged. In this case, damage cannot be avoided and you will have to seek maintenance to restore your equipment to its original state. Depending on your equipment, you will have to seek different repairs, such as motor overhaul or distribution transformer repair.
In order to minimize the negative impact of power outages, TopPower recommends that you have a diesel generator set as a backup power source