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Attention! These actions may lead to diesel generator set scrapping

June 16, 2022
The use of diesel generator sets have strict operational requirements, generally users in the purchase of diesel generators, generator manufacturers will have the relevant technical guidance training, and also randomly presented with a set of operating instructions, in general, the user to comply with the operating rules for operation, while paying attention to the routine and regular maintenance of the set, can make the performance of the set to get stable play, but the following several wrong way of operation Users must pay attention to avoid, otherwise it may lead to diesel generator set scrapped!
Long time continuous start
The engine on the diesel generator set is working at low voltage and high current, its continuous working time should not be too long, a long time to start will damage the battery, when a start can not, the user should start again after 15 seconds. If repeatedly start unsuccessful, should stop the start operation, exclude the battery or oil circuit and other fault factors, start again.
Pull the car to start the diesel engine
In the case of cold oil sticky pull start diesel generator set, will intensify the diesel generator set between the moving parts of the wear, thus reducing the service life of the unit.
Bake the oil sump with open flame and start the fire at the air inlet pipe
In order to prevent fire, the application of fire, coal fire in a certain distance outside the baking diesel engine oil sump, while slowly shaking the oil shaft, so that the diesel generator set of oil evenly heated, so that all parts are lubricated. If the diesel engine at the intake pipe to start, will make the material combustion of ash and hard debris sucked into the cylinder, resulting in the intake and exhaust valves do not close tightly and accelerate the wear and tear of the cylinder.
Just start on high-speed operation
When the diesel generator set is just started, the temperature of lubricating oil is low and the fluidity is poor, if it runs at high speed immediately, it is easy to cause the moving parts to wear sharply due to the lack of lubrication, and in serious cases, it will also burn the tile and hold the shaft, the performance of the unit, and in serious cases, the unit will be scrapped in advance.
The above is the top Bo power for your collation of some of the wrong diesel generator operating behavior, if you have similar wrong operation behavior, please stop immediately, otherwise the performance of the unit will likely decline sharply, or even cause scrapping, diesel generator set is expensive, if the scrapping is caused by operational errors, it will be a very huge economic loss.