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What are the characteristics of air-cooled and water-cooled diesel generator sets?

June 20, 2022
Diesel generator set in operation, high temperature gas and friction generated heat will make the cylinder (cover), piston and valve and other parts of the temperature rise, diesel generator set cooling system is to ensure that the unit in the most suitable temperature range, and according to the different cooling media, diesel generator set cooling system can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled two, for water-cooled diesel generator set, the cylinder wall water jacket in the The suitable temperature is 80~90°C, for air-cooled diesel power generation genset, the suitable temperature of the cylinder wall is 160~200°C. In order to let you understand more clearly the two different cooling methods, this topbo power for you to introduce the characteristics of air-cooled and water-cooled diesel generator set each.
Air-cooled generator sets
1. Diesel engine for a single-cylinder engine, two-cylinder engine generator, with one to more large fans against the generator body forced exhaust heat.
2. Generally gasoline generators and small diesel generators are the main.
3. Air-cooled generator sets need to be installed in open compartments, the noise is larger.
4. Air-cooled generator sets have simple structure, low failure rate, good starting performance, less air required, low fan power consumption, low fuel consumption, no danger of freezing or overheating boiling, and easy maintenance.
5. Air-cooled generator sets are suitable for the plateau or lack of water or cold places, do not have to consider adding water, boiling point, freezing and other aspects of the problem, because of the thermal and mechanical load restrictions, the power is generally smaller.
Water-cooled generator sets
1. Diesel engine for mainly four-cylinder, six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder and other large units, the internal and external water circulation, through the cooling water tank and fan to take away the heat generated inside the body.
2. Water-cooled generator sets to large generator sets are more.
3. Water-cooled generator sets have a complex structure, relatively difficult to manufacture, more requirements for the environment, in the use of the plateau, the need to consider the use of power reduction and coolant water boiling point reduction, to improve the boiling point and freezing point by adding a certain percentage of additives.
4. Water-cooled generator set cooling effect is ideal.
5. The same technical parameters of the motor, water-cooled small size, light weight, high energy density, heat transfer performance is better.
6. High power generator sets are generally water-cooled generator sets.