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500kw diesel generator set long-term storage need to pay attention to what

July 08, 2022
500kw diesel generator sets are generally used as emergency or standby power, the user may not really use it for a long time after purchase, or use it after a long period of standby, then it needs to be stored for a long time, in order not to affect the performance of the diesel generator set, when needed to start quickly and normally, remind the user should be stored depending on the length of time to develop a reasonable and feasible storage program .
1, 500kw diesel generator set storage of the first step includes a comprehensive cleaning, cleaning unit dry ventilation, replace the appropriate new lubricating oil, drain the coolant in the water tank and the unit for rust treatment.
2, if it is stored in the open, users should pay attention to the diesel generator set storage location to ensure that the trees and objects to avoid damage, and should try to avoid excessive heat, cold or rain and sun, etc.. If the conditions allow, the top of the Bo power recommended that users build an independent generator room, do some fire-fighting measures, such as the placement of ABC fire extinguishers.
3, in order to prevent moisture into the main alternator coil, as well as to minimize moisture condensation, so that the generator's insulation performance is reduced, and even affect the availability of the unit, attention should be paid to keep the environment around the generator dry, or use some special measures such as the use of appropriate heating dehumidification devices, etc., so that the coil always maintain the necessary dry.
4, 500kw diesel generator set supporting the starter battery for the lead-acid high-energy battery, before the commissioning of the unit is recommended that users do not add electrolyte, such as has been added, it should be noted that every 5 to 8 weeks full charge once, so as not to damage the battery or reduce the service life. When the battery is stored, it should be avoided to be exposed to direct sunlight or let rain fall on it.
8, after a period of storage, attention should be paid to check whether the 500kw diesel generator set is damaged before installation and use, a comprehensive check of the unit electrical parts are oxidized, all the connecting parts are loose and whether the main generator coil remains dry and the body surface is clean and dry, etc., if necessary, appropriate measures should be taken to deal with.