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6 problems that should not be ignored when repairing diesel generator sets

June 30, 2022
Diesel generator set after a long time, the emergence of unit failure is an inevitable problem, parts accessories due to life expectancy, but also need to be replaced, after the unit failure to overhaul, from time to time need to carry out the replacement of accessories, top Bo power to remind users, in the diesel generator set for replacement repair, must pay attention to the following 6 matters.
1, assembly must pay attention to clean. If the assembly of the internal body mixed with mechanical impurities and dust, mud, will not only accelerate the wear of parts, but also easy to cause blockage of the oil circuit, resulting in burning tile holding shaft and other accidents. Such as the replacement of new injectors must be clean in 80 ℃ clean diesel oil to remove the anti-rust oil, and sliding test before assembly and use.
2, pay attention to the technical requirements of the assembly. Repair personnel generally on the valve clearance, shaft clearance, etc. is more important, but some technical requirements are often ignored, such as the installation of the cylinder liner, the upper plane should be about 0.1 mm above the plane of the body, otherwise it will occur cylinder leakage or continuous bad cylinder gasket failure.
3, pay attention to some mating parts to be replaced in pairs. Injector needle valve couples, plunger vice and oil valve vice three precision couples to be replaced in pairs, which can generally do. But some other parts do not pay attention to pair replacement, such as replacement of gears, only replace a more serious wear, assembly due to poor meshing, noise, increased wear, service life will be greatly shortened. Another example is the replacement of the cylinder liner, should also replace the piston and piston ring.
4, the parts of the variant products are not necessarily common. Some diesel engine factory sales of a certain type of variant products of many parts are not common. Such as S195B diesel engine crankshaft, main bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, intake and exhaust valves, valve guides and valve springs and other parts are not common.
5, the same model of different parts (accessories) are not common. In the use of repair size method, you can choose to increase the size of the parts, but must identify which level of parts. Such as the first grinding crankshaft can only be used to increase the 0.25 mm shaft tile, if you choose to increase the 0.5 mm shaft tile, shaft tile scraping volume increased, not only waste time, and can not guarantee the quality of repair, will also greatly reduce the service life of the shaft tile.
6, to prevent parts from being wrongly installed, missed installation. In terms of single-cylinder diesel engine has more than a thousand parts, and most of them have a certain installation position and direction requirements, such as not paying attention, it is easy to misload or omission. Such as vortex chamber inlay position is installed in reverse, the fuel can not directly through the starting spray hole, so that the engine starting difficulties or simply can not start.
In order to reduce the failure rate of diesel generator sets, top Bo power remind users, must be regular maintenance, maintenance units, so that all parts of the unit in good working condition.