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Generator rental analysis of the reasons why diesel generator sets can not start

July 27, 2022
In the case of all normal engine, the starter or battery failure will make the engine difficult to start, or even can not start. In this case, the first step is to understand the use of the starter and battery, in order to determine the general fault area. If the battery has been used for more than 1 year, should focus on checking its technical condition; if the battery is used for a shorter period of time, and the starter has not been serviced for a long time, it should be checked from the starter. Then analyze and deal with according to the fault phenomenon when starting.
1, start only to hear the starter electromagnetic switch "clucking" sound, or the first start when the starter drives the crankshaft slowly turn a few times, followed by the starter electromagnetic switch "clucking" sound, but the crankshaft is not turning. This phenomenon generally belongs to the battery "broken frame" failure.
2, temporary parking each time you can start, but the parking time is longer or the next day to start but only make the crankshaft turn a little. This phenomenon belongs to the battery self-discharge is serious, its pole plate, bulkhead serious aging, that the battery is close to scrap.
3, when starting the starter suddenly rotating powerless, and accompanied by burning rubber smell or smoke at the battery, mostly belong to the pole pile, pole pile clamps poor contact and fever burn.
4, if the starter drive gear and the engine flywheel gear ring when starting the idle sound of impact, the reasons are two: one is the deformation of the flywheel gear ring engagement tangent surface; the second is the starter drive gear and flywheel gear ring gap is too large. The two can not be engaged, the engine can not start.
5, the power switch is turned on, the starter drive gear and flywheel gear ring meshed together in rotation. This failure, one is the starter solenoid switch to keep the coil wrongly connected to the power terminals; the second is the key switch on the three lines connected to the wrong way to determine: the key in the "0" position when the starter drive gear does not turn, in the "2" position when the starter motor Drive gear and flywheel gear ring mesh together to rotate.
6, the starter switch to the start position engine can not start, and no other phenomenon. This fault, one is the key, switch due to wear and tear and not connected to the starter circuit; second is the starter relay is not connected to the starter electromagnetic switch circuit; third is the power switch is not connected to the main circuit.
7, start only a slight "Ta" sound, and then no response, which is caused by the start relay card. At this time, just press the end of the solenoid, forcing the solenoid to move forward, the starter circuit can be turned on, so that the engine starts.