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How to drain a diesel generator set in winter

July 27, 2022
When winter comes, due to the impact of cold, diesel generator sets operating environment temperature will be low to below 0 degrees Celsius, or even freezing. At this time, diesel generator set manufacturers have an obligation to remind users: diesel generator set radiator is not filled with antifreeze unit must be drained after use to prevent cooling water freezing and freezing unit block, resulting in certain economic losses, after all, the price of a diesel generator set is not low. Generator rental manufacturers to share the winter diesel generator set radiator water release laws are as follows.
1: diesel generator set due to the external ambient temperature is too low, put the cooling water should be in the shutdown 15 minutes after the water temperature has dropped, and not immediately, otherwise it will be because the temperature difference between the body and the external environment is too large, resulting in some parts of the diesel generator set deformation, which affects the performance of the diesel engine (such as cylinder head deformation and other problems).
2: When the cooling water to stop flowing, it is best to diesel generator set and then shake a few turns, then those remaining, not easy to flow out of the cooling water will be due to the vibration of the diesel engine and flow net, so as to prevent the cylinder head on the water plug is frozen off, later cooling water into the oil case. The machine should also pay attention to, if not remove the water release switch, after the end of the water release, the water release switch should be in the open state, in order to prevent those for a variety of reasons and the remaining cooling water can not flow out and freeze the corresponding parts of the diesel engine cause unnecessary losses. 
3: when the water release switch can not be opened after everything is fine, should also pay attention to observe the specific condition of the water flow, to see whether the water flow is smooth, whether there is The water flow becomes smaller or sometimes fast and slow phenomenon. If these conditions, the cooling water contains impurities, impede the normal flow of water, it is best to remove the water release switch, so that the cooling water directly from the body out. If the water still does not flow smoothly, then apply wire and other hard and thin steel items to unclog, until the water flows smoothly.
When using the diesel generator set again, please remember that the coolant must be filled into the radiator before starting the diesel generator set for load operation. If the radiator is not filled with coolant, the engine will pull the cylinder and other accidents will happen.