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How to deal with the phenomenon of boiling water tank in the generator set

July 27, 2022
 Diesel generator sets used for a long time, the occurrence of some small failure is always inevitable, when the engine water temperature is too high, will occur when the water tank boiling phenomenon, the user can observe the radiator or expansion tank in the violent water overflow, at this time do not blindly open the water tank cover to prevent scalding. Then when the generator set tank boiling phenomenon we should be handled as follows.
1, do not immediately shut down, so as not to burn the cylinder bed, pull the bad cylinder, resulting in greater damage to the diesel generator set accident.
2, do not try to open the water tank cover, otherwise there is a high probability of hot liquid sprayed out resulting in scalding
3, do not pour cold water on the diesel engine cylinder block, cylinder head, this is likely to cause Perkins diesel generator set cylinder block due to sudden cold and blow up.
4, to remove the engine load, let the engine run slowly from medium to low speed, and wait for the engine temperature to drop to normal before speeding up the operation.
5, such as the lack of cooling water, you can add distilled water, pure water and other soft water, to prevent the formation of scale affect the heat dissipation.