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Generator rental: safety operating procedures and dry things to note

July 27, 2022
At any time to provide customers with different power generator sets, electricity to provide sufficient for hotels, major projects, large factories, supermarkets, temporary emergency power choice. Receive the following generator rental manufacturers Yatong to introduce you to the safety process operating procedures of diesel generators and dry precautions for your understanding.
A, generator rental: generator safety process operating procedures
1, fixed generators should be installed indoors, the bottom must be solid, mobile generators should be padded and smooth, and set up a rain shed.
2, near the body set sand box or dry fire extinguisher and other fire prevention equipment.
3, the generator to the switchboard or through to all electrical equipment at the wire, must be well insulated, the joint should be solid.
4, before starting should first check each ministry, operation is prohibited when working on the line and hand contact with high-voltage lines or cleaning work.
5, after the maintenance of the generator, before starting to run, must check between the rotor and stator there are no tools or other objects left inside.
Second, generator rental: drying precautions
Heating and drying should be carried out in clean air, dry before the generator with compressed air will be blown clean. If the winding is seriously wet, you need to use the hot air method to dry first, after a certain period of drying, and then dry with a load, so as not to be insulation breakdown.
When drying, should put more thermometers, distributed in various parts of the generator, in order to grasp the temperature of each part, to prevent local overheating. If the drying temperature does not reach the required temperature, it can be dried at a slightly lower temperature, but the time should be extended appropriately.
Measure the temperature and insulation resistance every 30min after the drying starts. When the temperature is stable, measure every 1-2h, and make records. Marine diesel generator set drying at the beginning, due to winding heating, moisture evaporation out of the pick, so that the insulation resistance decreases, and then gradually rise, the speed of the rise more and more slowly, and finally stabilized in a certain value.