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How to prevent premature deterioration of diesel generator set oil

July 27, 2022
The convenience of diesel generator sets make it widely used in all walks of life, oil is an indispensable component of diesel generator sets, it plays a leak-proof, rust and corrosion prevention, lubrication and so on, oil timely replacement can ensure the stable use of generator sets, the following Dongguan generator rental manufacturers Yatong Xiaobian will introduce how to prevent diesel generator sets oil deterioration measures.
1, often check the oil level of the engine oil. This check should be carried out before starting the diesel engine or shut down after 10min, to check the oil level again after 10min. When replenishing the oil, strict attention should be paid to clean and check whether there is leakage.
2、Check the quality of the engine oil frequently. When checking the oil level, attention should be paid to check the pollution level of the oil, and the oil on the dipstick should not be discolored (except for the phenomenon of the oil turning black). When the oil reaches the interval mileage or reaches the oil change index, the oil should be replaced in time. It is normal for multi-stage oil to become black when it is used. The common methods to check the quality of oil are: oil stain comparison, viscosity comparison test and assay method, etc.
3, replace the oil at the right time, although the engine oil has a specified oil change interval. But because of the different degree of diesel engine wear, oil quality differences, coupled with the region, climate and operating conditions, will affect the oil replacement cycle. Change early to cause waste, change late and will cause other accidents due to the aging of the oil and diesel generators.
4, choose the right oil. The right oil is an important factor to ensure the normal work of diesel generators, but also to extend the life of the oil fundamental guarantee. In the actual work should be in accordance with the following requirements to choose the oil.
It is strictly forbidden to use gasoline engine oil for diesel engine. Only when the diesel engine manufacturer has substitution instructions or marked as a common oil for gasoline generator and diesel generator, it can be used or used in the marked level range. Under the premise of ensuring reliable lubrication of diesel engine, the viscosity of oil should be as small as possible. The viscosity of the oil is large except in the southern summer, only for some serious wear of diesel generators. High viscosity oil will increase the resistance of diesel engine operation, thus increasing fuel consumption. Choose the viscosity of the oil is too low, and may make the oil pressure is too low, lubricating oil film strength is not enough, sealing is not tight. Therefore, according to the diesel generator working conditions, season to the correct choice of oil.
Adhere to the principle of economy and applicability. High grade oil too much downgrade use is not economic, the lower level of oil for the higher requirements of diesel generators will cause early wear and damage to diesel generators.
Should try to use multi-stage oil. Multi-stage oil has good viscosity and temperature performance, and it can be used in diesel engine for a long time and save fuel, and it can be used in all seasons, which is easy to manage. When using multi-stage oil, the oil color is easy to become black, oil pressure is also smaller than ordinary oil, these are normal phenomena, does not affect the use. About the mixture of oil use. Do not mix single-stage oil and multi-stage oil; different brands of oil can be mixed temporarily if necessary, but do not mix for a long time.
5、Avoid oxidation and deterioration of the oil due to high temperature. Ensure that the cooling system of water-cooled diesel engine works well to avoid overheating. When the cooling system is abnormal, should be promptly checked and removed; ensure that the crankcase ventilation device is in good working condition, regular cleaning of the ventilation pipe, ventilation valve; keep the oil temperature in the range of 85 ~ 95C is appropriate.
6, keep clean. Prevent dust and impurities into the lubrication system; regularly replace the oil filter; completely clean the lubrication system, and regularly replace the oil; check whether the oil is mixed with water; replace or add oil should also prevent rain, snow or other dirt into the oil; when the cylinder head, the body has cracks, the cylinder liner seal water ring aging failure or cylinder gasket washed out, should be timely maintenance; disassemble the cylinder head must be the first water release, to prevent water flow into the oil pan.
7, to avoid the flow of diesel oil. Diesel injection pump oil supply is too large, oil supply pressure is too low or injector drip, atomization is not good, will make the diesel sprayed in the cylinder can not be fully combustion, part of which will flow along the cylinder wall oil sump, resulting in oil thinning, viscosity drop, premature loss of lubrication. Therefore, regular inspection or adjustment of the injection pump and injector, timely replacement of the plunger, oil valve and injector parts worn beyond the limit.
8, to avoid the cylinder exhaust gas erosion of the oil. When the piston and cylinder liner, valve and valve guide clearance is too large, the high temperature and high pressure exhaust gas in the combustion chamber will be run into the crankcase, accelerating the aging of oil deterioration, and the formation of gum, carbon and acidic harmful substances. Therefore, we must replace the above-mentioned wear parts in time to restore their normal clearance, to maintain a good seal.