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Silent type generator set rental shallow analysis of diesel generator set why easy to stall

July 27, 2022
At the peak of summer, the temperature of diesel generator sets is the same as the outdoor temperature, and it also enters the peak period. Of course, some minor breakdowns will inevitably occur. Although these failures are not big, but they will make the hot people upset, annoying is stalling. Can you imagine, working well in the heat, suddenly stalled, who must make it a burst of irritation. Fuel pump. In fact, it is the fault of the fuel pump, but also our own fault.
Now with the development of life, basically every household has a car, and then the fuel has become a major consumable. But ordinary families in the purchase of fuel, will buy relatively cheap fuel. What they do not know is that this is the direct cause of stalling.
Cheap fuel has a lot of magazines in it, which will clog the fuel pump after a long time. Although the fuel pump is not much, but a long time will make the injection pump and diesel filter filled with fuel, and expel the air, so that the engine can work, but too much time will be forced to stall due to insufficient fuel supply.
Therefore, we remind you to use good fuel as much as possible even if it is expensive, otherwise the oil quality will cause the unit's fuel pump to be blocked, which will be a considerable loss.