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Silent generator set rental introduces the requirements of diesel generator set to add water to the coolant

July 27, 2022
1, Do not add well water. Sewage. Water can be divided into two types of hard water and soft water on whether it has dissolved minerals. Hard water contains iron. Calcium. Magnesium plasma, untreated well water. Spring water is hard water, if the engine is filled with this type of hard water, after the engine is heated and evaporated, it will produce calcium carbonate. Calcium sulfate and other compounds, precipitation down to form limescale. And scale, on the one hand, is a poor conductor of heat, on the other hand, when the scale increases to a certain extent, it will make the pipeline narrow, the flow of water is reduced, it will affect the engine heat dissipation, causing the engine to overheat. The sewage contains sediment and rotten organic matter, easy to corrode the water tank and cylinder water jacket, affecting its service life.
2, do not ignore. Do not run out of water. High temperature weather driving, coolant evaporation in the tank to speed up, always pay attention to check the amount of coolant, pay attention to observe the coolant temperature table. If the tank is not completely filled, the coolant circulation in the water jacket there are problems, the water temperature is prone to rise caused by "boiling". Some models, it is not easy to fill the water, the location of the water tank is lower than the engine, when the water tank fill port shows that it has been filled, but in fact, the engine water jacket water shortage.
3, the water tank "open pot" when do not rashly open the cover. Because the "pot" when the tank temperature is very high (at least 100 ℃), the pressure is large, suddenly open the tank cover, the water and water vapor will be boiling out of the rapid spray, easy to scald the water. When the "open pot" should generally idle, and then open the cover to fill the coolant after the engine temperature has dropped. If time is of the essence, you can first cover the tank cover with a wet cloth, then wrap a wet towel around your hand, and then slowly open the tank cover. In addition, the speed of adding coolant should not be too fast, should be added slowly
4, do not spill water on the engine when adding water. When adding water, if the water spilled to the engine spark plug hole seat. High-voltage cable jack. Distributor may have an impact on the jump fire. Water spilled on the drive belt may also cause it to slip. Spilled on the body may also lead to body deformation or even cracks.