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Explaining the wrong operation of the unit during generator rental

July 27, 2022
Explain the wrong operation of the unit when the generator rental, the current market is also very many products of generator sets, there are Cummins generator sets, Volvo generator sets, Shangchai generator sets and other brands, effective use of generator sets the most important step is to do a good job in the operation of the generator set, once the wrong operation will lead to generator set failure, which is not conducive to the operation of the generator set, affecting the business Work efficiency, then in the work of the equipment, you need to beware of which diesel generator sets of the wrong operation?
I. Diesel engine running when the oil is insufficient
This will be caused by insufficient oil supply and insufficient oil supply to the surface of the friction vice, resulting in abnormal wear or burn. For this reason, before the machine starts and during the operation of the diesel engine to ensure that the oil is sufficient to prevent the lack of oil and cause cylinder pulling, burning tile failure.
II. Emergency stop with load or suddenly remove the load immediately after stopping
Diesel engine off after the cooling system water circulation stopped, heat dissipation capacity sharply reduced, the heated parts lost cooling, easy to cause cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder body and other parts of the machine overheating, cracking, or make the piston over-expansion stuck in the cylinder liner. On the other hand, the diesel engine shutdown without idle cooling, will make the friction surface contains insufficient oil, when the diesel engine will start again because of poor lubrication and increased wear. Therefore, the diesel engine should be removed from the load before shutdown, and gradually reduce the speed, no-load operation for a few minutes.
Three. Diesel engine cold start and then blast the throttle
If the throttle is blasted, the speed of diesel engine will rise sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the machine to wear violently due to dry friction. In addition, the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft acceptance force change, causing violent impact, easy to damage the machine parts.
Four. Insufficient cooling water or cooling water, oil temperature is too high in the case of operation
This operation will lead to diesel engine overheating, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston components and valves and other major heat load, its mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and other sharp decline, so that the parts deformation increased, reducing the clearance between the parts, accelerating the wear and tear of the parts, and in serious cases will produce cracks, parts stuck failure. Will accelerate the oil aging degradation burn, and oil viscosity decline, the set of cylinders and pistons and the main friction side of the condition of lubrication conditions deteriorate, resulting in abnormal wear.