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What are the advantages of a two-stroke diesel engine?

April 20, 2022
A working cycle of a two-stroke diesel engine is completed within one revolution of the crankshaft, that is, the four steps of intake, compression, expansion and exhaust are completed within a 360° crankshaft rotation angle. The compression and expansion of this diesel engine is a relatively complete piston stroke, so it is called a two-stroke diesel engine.
The advantages of a two-stroke diesel engine are as follows:
1. When the structural parameters and operating parameters of the diesel engine are basically the same, comparing its power, for a non-supercharged diesel engine, the output power of a two-stroke diesel engine is about 60% 80% higher than that of a four-stroke diesel engine. From the cycle principle, it seems that the two-stroke diesel engine has twice the power than the four-stroke diesel engine. In fact, due to the opening of the air port on the cylinder wall of the two-stroke diesel engine, the effective stroke is reduced, the ventilation process is lost, and the power consumption of driving the scavenging pump can only be increased by 60% 80% C).
2. The structure of the two-stroke diesel engine is relatively simple, with few parts and no valve structure at all or only part of the valve structure, which is convenient for maintenance.
3. Due to the short interval of power strokes, the diesel engine runs smoothly. Four-stroke diesel engines and two-stroke diesel engines have their own advantages, and their applications in production are different. Two-stroke diesel engines are mostly used in ships.