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What causes the high temperature of diesel generators

July 27, 2022
Diesel generators are widely used in our lives, it is more tedious operation, in the use of the process must pay attention to the details, or too much time will make the temperature too high will make the diesel generator power down, lubricant viscosity, diesel engine parts between the friction intensifies, and even lead to diesel engine pull cylinder, cylinder gasket burn and other serious failure. So what causes diesel generators appear high temperature?
1, long time overload operation
Diesel engine overload operation for a long time, will increase its fuel consumption, heat load, so that the phenomenon of high water temperature. For this reason, should avoid a long time overload operation.
2、Insufficient coolant
Diesel engine cooling system if the lack of coolant, it will affect the diesel engine cooling effect, resulting in high temperature diesel engine. In this regard, should often check the radiator and expansion tank coolant stock, the liquid level should be low in time to replenish.
3, coolant circulation is not good
The thermostat is not open enough, will reduce the cooling capacity of the diesel engine cooling system large cycle. If the diesel engine is high temperature, the thermostat can be put into the water for heating check, the general thermostat opening distance is 8 ~ 10mm.
4, heat sinks interfere with each other (construction machinery)
If the hydraulic oil radiator and water radiator placed one after the other, when the hydraulic oil temperature is high, it will inevitably cause the water radiator into the side of the cold air temperature is high, affecting the water radiator heat dissipation. In this regard, the hydraulic system should be overhauled heat dissipation, reduce the hydraulic oil radiator on the diesel engine water radiator poor heat dissipation.
5, the surface of the radiator attached to debris
Attachment of debris on the radiator surface will reduce the radiator heat dissipation area, the radiator's windward area is reduced, resulting in a reduction in the radiator's heat dissipation capacity, causing high temperatures in diesel engines
6, the fan belt is too loose or fan deformation
Fan belt is too loose, easy to cause the fan speed is reduced, resulting in the radiator can not play the proper cooling capacity, resulting in high diesel engine temperature. In addition, the fan deformation will also lead to the radiator's cooling capacity can not be fully developed. In this regard, the fan belt of diesel engine should be checked regularly to see if it is loose and if the fan shape is abnormal.