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Silent generator set rental: the cause of diesel generator set smoke

July 27, 2022
In the use of diesel generator sets will appear when the smoke, diesel generator rental diesel engine exhaust smoke is not fully combusted diesel, in the case of high temperature decomposition of carbon with the exhaust gas discharge of a phenomenon. Exhaust black smoke, not only reduces the engine power, increased diesel consumption, and easy to form carbon, shortening the service life of the engine. The reasons are as follows.
A, the cylinder of fresh air is not enough
  There are several reasons.
  1, the air filter element accumulates too much dust.
  2, muffler rust, carbon or oil.
  3, the intake and exhaust valve clearance is too large, so that the valve opening is reduced.
  4, the orchestration mechanism parts loose, wear, deformation, camshaft gear and crankshaft timing gear relative position changes, valve opening and closing time is not correct. Cummins generator repair
Second, the cylinder compression end of the temperature and pressure drop cause diesel generator rental
  1, cylinder barrel, piston ring wear too much, piston ring installation is incorrect or loss of elasticity caused by cylinder leakage.
  2, the valve clearance is too small, easy to be topped off when hot, or valve ablation, carbon caused by cylinder sealing is not tight.
  3, cylinder head and body, injector and cylinder head joint surface leakage.
  4, serious valve sagging, piston and piston pin, piston pin and connecting rod small head, connecting rod large head and connecting rod journal clearance is too large, so that the combustion chamber volume increases, compression ratio decreases.
Third, poor diesel atomization
  1, injector pressure adjustment is too low.
  2, injector regulator spring broken or stuck.
  3, injector needle valve and valve seat carbon accumulation, needle valve stagnation or wear too much.
  4, the injector pump valve decompression ring belt wear too much, so that the injector dripping oil.
Fourth, the oil supply time and the amount of oil supply is incorrect
  The reason is: rental generator
  1, the oil supply time is too late.
  2, the initial start, gas pressure and temperature is low, when the oil supply time is too early.
  3, injection pump plunger coupling wear after increasing the oil supply stroke use.
  4, injection pump adjustment gear rod or tie rod stroke is too large, so that the amount of oil supply is too much.