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What are the dangers of long-term load operation of generator sets

July 27, 2022
In our life often used to generator sets, so what are the dangers of long-term load operation of generator sets?
I. Piston - cylinder liner seal problems, oil up, into the combustion chamber combustion, exhaust blue smoke
Two. If the supercharged diesel generator, due to the small carrying load, low boost pressure. Easily lead to the supercharger oil seal (non-contact) sealing effect is reduced, the oil into the boost chamber, with the intake air into the cylinder.
iii. Up to the cylinder part of the oil involved in combustion, part of the oil can not be completely combusted, in the valve, intake, piston top, piston ring and other places to form carbon, and part of the exhaust with the exhaust. This generator rental, the cylinder liner exhaust will gradually accumulate oil, will also form carbon;.
Four. Supercharger oil accumulation within the booster to a certain extent, it will leak out of the supercharger at the combined surface.
Five. Generator long-term small load operation, will more seriously lead to increased wear of the generator set moving parts, engine combustion environment deterioration and other consequences that lead to early overhaul period.
These effects will seriously jeopardize the performance and service life of diesel generator sets, must have sufficient knowledge of this, whether naturally aspirated or supercharged diesel generator sets should be used to minimize the low load / no load running time, and the minimum load can not be less than 25%-30% of the rated power of the unit.