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What are the technical measures for backward power supply of diesel generator sets

July 27, 2022
Backward power" is the reverse power process; power plant power is the power sent from the power plant to the system, "backward power" is to send power from the system to the power plant. Diesel generator set backward power supply preventive measures, there are the following, diesel generator set backward power supply technical measures.
1, diesel generating set switching device
Diesel generators and utility switching devices, mainly using the following three ways: double throw dao gate, interlocking circuit breakers, automatic switching device (ATS).
(1) using double cast dao gate switching: mainly applicable to the small power load, power supply reliability requirements of lower users, such as small processing plants in rural areas, farms, etc.. Using this switch, the wiring is relatively simple. Mainly should pay attention to: double cast dao gate should be installed as far as possible in the main utility line, to avoid the user's private connection, resulting in backward power supply to the grid.
(2) the use of interlocking circuit breaker switching: this switching method, mainly for larger electrical loads, with a dedicated transformer users. There are two ways of interlocking: ① use the auxiliary contacts on the circuit breaker to achieve interlocking, in this wiring method, for users not equipped with self-injection requirements, in any case can only ensure - more than two circuit breakers closed at the same time, and can ensure that the use of manual operation mechanism on the circuit breaker forced to close, the closed circuit breaker will be disconnected to ensure the reliability and safety of interlocking. ② Use PlC (programmable controller) and auxiliary contacts of circuit breakers to achieve interlocking of circuit breakers and automatic switching of utility and self-provided generators. Because PLC has been widely used in industrial automation control, it is a reliable control device, but it is still a relatively new technology used as interlocking and automatic switching in dual power supply, which has been proved to be effective by actual use.
(3) Using ATS automatic switching device for switching. ats device uses two circuits a set of institutions, compact structure, small size, with manual, automatic operation function. In the automatic mode, when the utility power is out, it automatically switches to the generator side and is powered by the generator; when the utility power is restored, it automatically switches to the utility side and is powered by the utility. The better ATS device also has the function of self-starting generator and self-stopping generator. This device has a large or small blocking capacity, suitable for high reliability requirements of power supply, such as hotels and restaurants, high-rise buildings, and switching devices with electrical and mechanical double blocking, high safety and reliability, simple wiring, the disadvantage is that the investment cost is higher.