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Silent type generator set rental analysis of diesel generator set how to use compressed air to clean the fuel tank

July 27, 2022
The way to clean the fuel tank of a diesel generator set is with compressed air. Check out our answer for the details. Diesel generator fuel tank cleaning is a very important and troublesome thing, when cleaning remember not to use water to clean, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage to the diesel engine. Diesel generator fuel tank cleaning method is to use compressed air.
  1, unscrew the fuel tank drain screw plug, let go of the stored oil, and then install the drain screw plug.
  2, remove the fuel tank cover and filter, add fuel to the tank.
  3、Then connect the compressed air hose with the special spraying head.
  4、Insert the hose with the nozzle into the bottom of the fuel tank.
  5、Block the fueling port with clean cloth wrapped with cotton yarn, open the compressed air switch and keep the air pressure of 380~600kPa for flushing.
  6、When the spray wash head flush through the tank, immediately remove the oil release screw plug to release the dirty oil.
  7、After cleaning the oil tank, check the oil tank refueling screen for dirt or broken places, and deal with it at any time.
  8, should check whether the tank cover ventilation valve is open.
  9、Fill up the oil and exclude the air in the oil circuit.