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Notes on recycling of generators

July 27, 2022
Often customers for generator rental and purchase and distress, the purchase of a suitable generator should not only look at the power of the generator and other basic parameters, but also take into account the working environment of the generator, especially used in some of the more special climate of the plateau area.
  1, because the actual output power of generators, pumps, power will be affected by altitude, temperature, environmental humidity and other factors. In the case of altitude, temperature, environmental humidity increases, the power of the generator will have a different proportion of the decline, please refer to the information about the generator, please take into account when accounting for the use of power generators, and then purchase to avoid the use of power shortage.
  2, the same power appliances, due to the different types of appliances, starting current varies greatly, the demand for generator power is different. So users in the purchase of products, should first calculate how much power generator can meet the normal use. Specific reference is as follows.
  ① resistive appliances (such as light bulbs, electric furnaces) power.
  ② electric inductive appliances (such as lamps) power ratio of 1:2.
  ③ power tools, electric fan power ratio of 1:3 (such as angle grinder).
  ④ air compressor, woodworking electric planes, machine tools, milking machine power ratio of 1:4 (such as 1KW air compressor need to buy 4KW generator).
  Used generators to take back and reuse the purchase of attention?
  First, the reasonable choice of generator sets.
  Used generator recovery mall has a gas engine generator set, diesel generator set, hydro generator set and wind generator set. Different types of generator sets its function, the scale of use, the state of the market is different, should be a reasonable choice of generator sets. Gas generator sets are usually used for standing load, it uses the fuel for natural gas, with a wide range of output power, start and run high reliability, good quality, small size and light weight, simple maintenance, low frequency noise, low cost, environmental protection and other advantages, but the natural gas needs to be obtained locally, and in China there is no large-scale distribution of natural gas power, the scale of supply is affected. In addition, there are safety risks for less professional users. Diesel generator sets are usually used as emergency or standby power, the fuel used is diesel, which is a non-renewable resource and more expensive, but the purchase and retention of diesel fuel is more convenient than natural gas, large single-unit capacity, wide range of applications, high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, quick start, and mature repair skills, so usually the most popular choice of diesel generator sets in the market. Hydraulic generator sets are usually used in various hydropower stations, with low cost, small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient use of equipment and other features, suitable for hydropower resources in mountainous areas of farmers to deal with lighting, television and other power generation equipment, but the need to have abundant water resources conditions. Wind turbines use natural power, non-polluting, renewable power, relative to diesel power generation is much better, but as an emergency to use than diesel generators. Wind turbines can not be considered as backup power, but they can be used for a long time. Usually it is suitable for areas far from the power grid, pastoral areas with abundant wind resources, mountainous areas, islands and other areas. In addition, whether it is the cost or skills with the traditional thermal power, hydropower, there is still a large gap, but also the need for national policy support. Therefore, it is usually appropriate to use diesel generator sets as power generation equipment in the project.