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How to change the oil of silent generator set

July 27, 2022
   The oil and oil filter need to be changed at the same time after 50 hours of work and 50 hours after medium or major repair. But you can extend or shorten the use time according to the actual use of the equipment (whether it is under the air, whether the oil is relatively clean, the size of the load). If you use type 2 oil, the oil can be changed only after 400 hours, but the oil filter must be changed as well. If you can not determine exactly when to change the oil of the diesel generator set, you can determine according to the following two methods.
  1, with two diameter 0.5 cm, 20 cm long glass test tube, respectively, filled with 19 cm of new oil and used oil, after sealing the two tubes inverted at the same time, record the bubble rise time, if the difference between the two more than 20%, it means that the used oil viscosity drop too much, need to be replaced.
  2, the new oil and used oil each drop in the white filter paper comparison, such as used oil drops have more black dots, indicating that the oil has not deteriorated, should not be replaced; such as the oil is dark brown, it is deteriorated, should be replaced.