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Break-in of diesel generator sets is important

July 27, 2022
  The diesel generator set break-in, which is the basis for extending the service life of diesel engines, whether it is a new engine or an engine after overhaul, must be broken in according to the regulations before it can be put into normal operation. Diesel generator sets must run with enough oil, enough water and enough air. If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, it will make the engine poor lubrication, serious wear and tear of the body or even burn tile phenomenon; if the cooling water is insufficient will make the machine temperature too high, power down, increased wear and shorten the service life; if the air supply is not timely or interrupted, it will be difficult to start, poor combustion, power down, the engine can not run normally.
  Diesel generator set must be oil clean, water clean, gas clean and body clean. If the diesel fuel is not pure, it will make the precision with the body wear, with an increase in clearance, resulting in oil leakage, oil dripping, oil supply pressure is reduced, the gap becomes large, and even cause oil blockage, holding shaft, burning tile and other serious failure; if the air contains a lot of dust, will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring; if the cooling water is not pure, will make the cooling system due to scale blockage, preventing the engine heat dissipation, poor lubrication conditions, serious wear. Serious wear and tear of the body; if the appearance of the body is not pure, it will make the surface is corroded and shorten the service life.
  Diesel generator set related technical adjustment. Check the valve clearance, gas distribution phase, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure and ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is in good condition, in order to save fuel and extend the service life. Check the fastening parts of the diesel generator set. Because of the diesel and gasoline engines in the process of use by the impact of vibration and uneven load, bolts and nuts are easy to loosen. All parts of the adjustment bolts should be checked to avoid accidents of damage to the body due to loosening.
  The correct use of diesel generator set. When using should make each shaft, tile and other lubrication parts get lubricated. After starting should wait until the water temperature is above 40 ℃ before putting into operation. Long time overload or low speed operation is strictly prohibited. Before stopping the machine, the load should be removed first to reduce the speed. After parking in winter should wait for the water temperature to drop to 50 ℃, put the net cooling water (except for the engine has been injected with antifreeze). Usually do a good job of engine maintenance, so that the machine is always kept in good running condition. To diligent observation, diligent inspection, found fault, timely elimination.