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What to pay attention to after overhauling diesel generator sets

July 27, 2022
  Oil generator sets will be overhauled when problems arise, but what issues need attention after the overhaul? The following and I'll take a look!
  【Matter one: cylinder pressure】
  In order to ensure that there is sufficient cylinder pressure, the piston and cylinder liner fit clearance, piston ring end, side clearance must meet the requirements, valve and valve seat sealing, injector front sealing should be good, cylinder gasket should be good, and the thickness meets the requirements;
  Matter two: combustion chamber volume]
  Diesel engine after repair, often will make the combustion chamber volume changes, change the original compression ratio, directly affect the normal work of diesel engines, combustion chamber volume change factors are: piston position installed in reverse, the cylinder gasket thickness is not appropriate, crank rod mechanical wear or bending, vortex chamber inlay block misalignment, valve sagging amount is too large, etc., in the repair, should pay attention to these situations;
  Including oil timing and gas timing, if the oil supply is not correct, if the gas distribution is not enough, it will cause the vehicle is not good to start, if barely start the valve is not closed, or valve head hit the piston, at the same time, accompanied by engine shaking, exhaust color is not correct;
  Of course, if you know more about the composition of the rental diesel generator set, in the daily maintenance and use will have more help. Today, Dongguan generator rental manufacturers Yatong under the dial in passing to talk about the diesel engine mechanism components again!
  The main institutional components of diesel engines generally include: the body, crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, electrical system.
  1 engine body
  The engine block is the skeleton of the diesel engine, which supports and installs other components, including: cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder gasket, oil pan, flywheel housing, timing gear housing, front and rear feet.
  2 Crank linkage mechanism
  Crank connecting rod mechanism is the main moving parts of diesel engine, it can transfer the energy generated by fuel combustion into mechanical energy through piston, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel. Including crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston pin, piston pin spring, piston pin bushing, piston ring, main shaft tile, connecting rod tile, thrust bearing, crankshaft front and rear oil seal, flywheel, shock absorber, etc.
  3 Gas distribution mechanism
  The gas distribution mechanism is to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at regular intervals. It includes timing gear, camshaft, tappet, top rod, rocker arm, valve, valve spring, valve seat ring, valve guide, valve lock block, intake and exhaust pipe, air filter, muffler, supercharger, etc.
  4 Fuel supply system
  The fuel supply system is to supply diesel fuel to the combustion chamber according to the needs of the diesel engine in a regular and quantitative manner. Including diesel fuel tank, fuel pipeline, diesel fuel filter, injection pump, injector, etc.
  5 Lubrication system
  The lubrication system is to supply lubricating oil to each frictional side, including oil pump, oil filter, regulator, pipeline, instrument, oil cooler, etc.
  6 Cooling system
  The cooling system is to distribute the heat generated by the diesel engine to the atmosphere. It includes water tank, water pump, fan, water pipe, thermostat, water filter, fan belt, water temperature gauge, etc.
  7 Electric Circuit
  Electricity is the auxiliary equipment for starting, lighting, monitoring and operation. Including generators, starter motors, batteries, relays, switches, wiring, etc.