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Analysis of the Cummins diesel generator gas distribution mechanism failure

July 27, 2022
   (1) valve leakage if the valve spring is broken or insufficient elasticity, valve ablation or incorrect timing, will make the diesel generator due to valve leakage caused by insufficient air intake or intake air mixed with exhaust gas, and then lead to inadequate fuel combustion, power decline. The solution is to replace the valve spring, grind the valve, re-check and correctly adjust the timing of gas distribution.
  Valve leakage should repair the valve and valve seat mating surface, if necessary, a new one.
  (2) valve clearance is not correct will cause insufficient air intake or cylinder leakage, resulting in diesel generator power down to the difficulty of ignition. Should readjust the valve clearance.
  Open the valve cover, such as a green, white smoke from the valve rod, the valve or valve seat wear too large or ablation, or valve clearance is too small base to no clearance, in the piston compression, the cylinder mixture, mixture seepage (called on the smoke), so you can directly see which valve leakage, should be promptly repaired.
  (3) gas distribution phase is not right diesel generator in long-term work, the crankshaft, camshaft by abnormal impact force and distortion deformation, timing gear, cam surface, with the column and push rod will wear, so that the intake and exhaust valve opening and closing time backward delay and deviate from the most @ best gas distribution phase, so that the inflation efficiency is reduced, diesel generator power down. Therefore, we should regularly check the diesel generator air distribution phase, if it does not meet the requirements should be adjusted in time.