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Talk about how to deal with diesel generators suddenly stalled

July 27, 2022
 Case 1: PT pump AFC cover leakage of diesel
  (1) Failure phenomenon a RD030 dump truck, the vehicle is equipped with Cummins NTA-855-C310 inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel generator, power 234kw/2100r/min. When the diesel generator starts, there is always fuel dripping from the flow valve on the AFC cover.
  (2) Failure to find the analysis of such a phenomenon, generally due to the AFC diaphragm wrinkled to form a break, so that the PT pump fuel leakage to the APC diaphragm cavity caused by leakage. As long as the replacement AFC diaphragm, the fault can be removed.
  Case 2: cut-off valve circuit break caused by sudden flameout
  (1) the fault phenomenon a TY160 bulldozer, in a field operation suddenly stalled and then can not start.
  (2) fault finding analysis of the driver first thought that the diesel fuel is exhausted, but refill the tank with diesel, but still can not start. As the starter can drive the diesel generator rotation, but no smoke exhaust, and therefore determined that the oil circuit is faulty. Check the diesel fuel filter in the diesel fuel, but no diesel fuel to the injector when starting, thus determining that the cut-off valve is faulty. Check the line of the cut-off valve, found that due to the frequent operation in potholes, the starting switch to the cut-off valve line off, the cut-off valve no control current, resulting in the shut-off valve valve closed, diesel can not pass.
  (3) troubleshooting tighten the joint after restarting, the fault disappeared.