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Analysis of the reasons for the decline in power of diesel generator sets

July 27, 2022
   Diesel generator sets in the process of operation, constituting a diesel generator set power drop may have three reasons.
  1, the air filter is blocked or dirty, resulting in the amount of air inhaled is not enough, which will constitute a cause of power decline. Users need to clean the air filter or replace the filter element on time.
  2, the fuel filter is blocked or dirty, the amount of fuel injection is not enough, there will be a drop in power. Diesel generator oil three filters (air filter, fuel filter and oil filter), need to keep clean, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. After using a period of time, the necessary replacement filter or the entire filter.
  3、Incorrect ignition time will also constitute a decrease in the power of the unit, and this situation requires attention to adjustment.
  If the machine is used in a relatively low temperature environment, it is necessary to use diesel fuel and oil products with low freezing point, and it is recommended that users understand the composition and structure of the machine before using it. Standard operation and punctual cleaning and maintenance can make the machine stable and reliable operation, and have a long service life.