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Analysis of how to reasonably arrange the diesel generator set maintenance plan

July 27, 2022
   The same comprehensive inspection of diesel generators cannot be missing. Before the diesel generator is launched, there are five important things to check for diesel generators, please keep an eye on them.
  Check the engine oil
  Check the oil level and check whether it is now the time to replace. If there is a lack of oil, please replenish it in time, otherwise it will not be able to establish the oil pressure in the large tilting working condition to aggravate the wear of the moving parts of the engine, and may even damage the engine.
  Check the coolant
  Check the coolant condition. Observe carefully whether the coolant has metamorphosis, discoloration (oil and water mixed into milky white), suspension, sediment, clean and replace in time if necessary. If there is a reduction in coolant, consider whether there is leakage caused by damage to parts, and pay attention to timely maintenance.
  Check the valve open space
  Check and timely adjustment of diesel generator valve clearance to ensure that the engine is in outstanding working condition.
  Check the diesel generator belt
  Check the belt tension slackness and belt wear condition. If the belt rubber is seriously aged or cracked, replace the belt in time.
  Check the chassis
  Check the chassis. If you find that the chassis rattles, diesel generator parking position appears oil stains and other phenomena, indicating that the chassis is now damaged. It is recommended to do regular professional chassis inspection.
  Safety launch, starting from the inspection, the old duty officers do not careless, newcomers do not panic, check in place before moving, safety precautions are important ~