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Explaining the operating procedures of generators

July 27, 2022
       1, before starting should check the fuel tank oil is sufficient, the oil pipe and discussion at no signs of oil leakage; cooling system water is sufficient, clean, no leakage, electric fan belt elasticity is consistent. Check the internal combustion engine and generator transmission department should be connected reliably, the output line wire insulation is excellent, the instrumentation is complete and useful.
  2, Dongguan generator rental company leased generator start, should be low-speed operation for 3 to 5 minutes, to wait for the temperature and oil pressure wheel are normal, before starting operations. Generator in the speed should be no noise, slip ring and rectifier on the brush to fight well, no jumping and sparking signs. To run stable, frequency, voltage to the rated value, before supplying power to the outside.
  3, the operation of strange noise, odor, water temperature rose sharply and oil pressure fell sharply and other circumstances, should immediately stop to check and clear the obstacles.
  4, the generator power factor shall not override the late phase (lag) 0.95. The change in frequency value shall not override the 0.5HZ range.
  5, shutdown should be blocked before the main switch of each power supply branch, gradually eliminate the load, then block the main switch of the generator power supply, the excitation rheostat back to the large value of resistance position, so that the voltage drops to a low value, then block the excitation switch and neutral point grounding switch, and finally stop the internal combustion engine operation.