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Operating steps to be noted in the process of generator rental

July 27, 2022
Operating guidelines are the operational steps that should be noted during the generator rental process.
  (1) test run before the official operation of the generator rental process, it is recommended to do the following checks
  ① Check that all wiring is correct and that the wire diameter is appropriate.
  ② controller DC working power is equipped with insurance, connected to the positive and negative terminals of the starter battery is not connected wrong.
  ③ Emergency stop input is connected to the positive terminal of the starter battery through the normally closed point of the emergency stop button and the fuse.
  ④Take appropriate measures to prevent the engine from starting successfully (such as removing the wiring of fuel valve), check and confirm that there is no error, connect the power supply of the starting battery, select the manual mode, and the controller will execute the program.
  ⑤ Press the start button, the unit will start, after the set number of starts, the controller will send a start failure signal and press the reset button to reset the controller.
  ⑥Restoring the saddle that prevented the engine from starting successfully (restoring the fuel valve wiring), press the start button again, the generator set will start, if everything is normal, the generator set will go through idling (if set with idle speed) to normal operation. During this period, observe the engine operation and alternator voltage and frequency. If there is any abnormality, stop the generator set operation and check the wiring of each part.
  (7) Select the automatic state from the front panel, then turn on the utility signal, the controller after the utility normal delay to switch the ATS (if any) to the utility with load, after the cooling time, then shut down into the standby state until the utility abnormal again.
  ⑧ After the utility is abnormal again, the generator set will automatically start into normal operation and then issue a power generation closing command to control the ATS to switch to the unit with load. If this is not the case, check the ATS control part wiring
  ⑨ If there are other problems, you need to contact the technical personnel in time to deal with them.