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Ways to improve generator starting performance

July 27, 2022
When the diesel engine is started, there must be sufficient fresh air inside the cylinder. Make its fuel supply system work properly, the cylinder must also have a high internal temperature, when the injector will mist diesel sprayed into the combustion chamber, the diesel engine will be able to start normally, but the internal temperature of the cylinder must rise after the piston in the cylinder many times the compression to achieve.
  Dongguan generator rental rental process at low speed, the cylinder temperature and compression are low, the combustion chamber internal air leakage is also more, the injection pump internal plunger movement is slower, the injector can not be sprayed into the combustion chamber in a mist according to the specified technical requirements. If the external ambient temperature is low, the minimum starting speed of the diesel engine must be increased in order to achieve the normal starting requirements.
  Second, to improve the starting performance of Dongguan generator rental methods
  We are currently improving the Dongguan generator rental starting performance of more methods, specifically the following concentrations.
  1, pressure reducing valve through the diesel engine intake valve or with the Qi guys decompression to reduce the compression ratio, so as to improve the starting resistance to start, this method is used more in winter. For some of the small Beijing generator rental set, manufacturers are generally designed to reduce the pressure of the special decompression device to reduce the resistance to start.
  2, preheating method of diesel engine preheating methods generally have air preheating method, oil preheating method and cooling water preheating method. Regardless of which method is used to preheat, according to the specific conditions to carry out, and according to the operating environment is different, but also to consider, as appropriate, the above is the Dongguan generator rental Beijing generator rental operation before using the preparatory work and precautions.