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Benefits and maintenance tips of generator set rental

July 27, 2022
  A, the benefits of generator set rental
  1, cost savings, save time, reduce risk, reliable quality, safety and security. Old equipment is better than new equipment, less break-in period.
  2, the system a new generator equivalent a few calls is unlikely to rent, and rent a generator is very convenient to use at any time to rent.
  3, due to similar large equipment like the head is relatively large, the market economy is changing faster, market conditions are more volatile, if you can quickly head in a timely manner, the equipment depreciation rate is relatively small, the cost is relatively small, speed up recovery thus reducing the risk.
  4, generators are generally regular factory manufacturing usage limit of fifty years, because now is the era of production process, the quality of doing too good, the number of future will be reduced, so forced to do, and these used generators because of the economic development of each count too fast, energy saving and emission reduction, and back broken out, and the user in practice to test, so do not worry about the quality at all.
  Second, how to repair and maintain the generator
  1, the air filter is not clean: not clean will form resistance to increase the air flow, reduce the efficiency of inflation, resulting in a lack of power starter. Should be based on the request to clean the diesel air filter core or purge the dust on the paper filter element, if necessary, change the filter element.
  2, exhaust pipe blockage: exhaust pipe blockage will form the exhaust is not smooth, fuel efficiency landing. Power down. Should check whether due to too much carbon in the exhaust pipe and the formation of exhaust resistance increased. Ordinary exhaust back pressure should not exceed 3.3Kpa, usually should often clear down the carbon in the exhaust pipe.
  3, the fuel supply early angle is too large or too small: the fuel supply early angle is too large or too small will form the fuel pump injection time is too early or too late (injection time is too early then the fuel is not full, too late will be white smoke, fuel will also be not full), so that the extinguishing process is not in the drunken good state. At this time should check whether the injection drive shaft connector screw can be loose, if loose, then should be re-adjusted in accordance with the request of the fuel supply early angle, and tighten the screw.
  4, piston and cylinder liner strains: due to piston and cylinder liner strains serious or wear over, and piston ring gum formation friction loss increases, forming the engine itself mechanical loss increases, compression ratio decreases, ignition difficult or extinguished not full, under the inflatable increase, serious air leakage. At this time, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.