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How generators should be maintained

July 27, 2022
        In our life generator has become an indispensable mechanical products, in order to better ensure the normal use of generators need us to check the generator in daily life, then let us teach you how to maintain the generator.
  Check the generator oil, the oil level should be between the high and low oil level line, if lower than the oil level line should be made up, the oil brand Shell 40, check the end of the pressure dipstick.
  2. Check the generator cooling water, the water level should be in the water tank filling mouth about 5 cm below, usually unscrew the water tank cover can be seen, finished tightening the water tank cover.
  3. Generator open the diesel tank valve.
  4. Check the generator air switch, the handle should be in the "0FF" position, the electronic control box panel transfer switch should be in the "0FF" position.
  5. Turn on the generator electric control box, close the box control power switch, press the panel manual button, and then press the green start button "I", 5 seconds to start the generator running.
  If there is an alarm, press the red shutdown button "O", press the reset switch "RESET", if still alarm, can be closed in the control box control power switch, 5 seconds and then open, if still can not start, can be disconnected from the battery lead 5 seconds and then turn on the machine, if If the alarm is still on, stop the machine to check.
  7. After the successful start and then power generation reverse operation
  (1) disconnect the high-voltage room 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# high-voltage screen load switch.
  (2) disconnect the low-voltage room 7 #, 15 #, 23 #, 32 #, 40 # low-voltage receiving power screen main switch.
  (3) close the generator air switch to "0N" orientation.
  (4) Close the low-voltage room 30 # low-voltage screen knife switch - circuit breaker.