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Explain the causes of high generator temperature

July 27, 2022
     Dongguan generator rental is often asked, such a question, is the diesel generator set open a while after the discovery of high water temperature and shutdown, which is due to what caused it?
  Dongguan generator rental to tell you the following several possible causes will make the diesel generator set water temperature is too high.
  First, if the cooling water is not enough, often diesel generators overheat.
  Second, due to the generator body and cylinder head of the waterway impurities deposited too much, so that the water circulation is not smooth, causing poor heat dissipation, which will also cause the diesel generator overheating phenomenon.
  Third, when the generator set seriously burn oil, causing too much carbon in the machine, poor heat dissipation will also produce diesel generators overheating.
  Fourth, improper operation of diesel generators. Start the diesel generator should first use the small and medium throttle warm up for a period of time, not suddenly increase the throttle, add load, otherwise it will make the diesel generator work rough, temperature surge. Or diesel generator for a long time overload operation, will also lead to diesel generator temperature is too high.
  Fifth, the oil supply time can not be too late, which will also cause diesel generators overheating.
  Sixth, we can not repair immediately after the full load into operation, because this will cause moving parts overheating, or jammed due to the fit gap is too small, causing damage to the generator.
  Dongguan generator rental remind, if the generator set temperature is too high, will lead to a reduction in the clearance of moving parts, reduced strength, poor lubrication, and in serious cases may cause pulling, holding shaft accidents. Therefore, when the diesel generator set temperature is too high to timely repair, so as not to cause irreparable damage.