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Talking about the reasons why the generator power becomes smaller

July 27, 2022
        Dongguan generator rental manufacturers to talk about the reasons for the generator power becomes small: diesel generators in the use of a long time, the generator set will appear power becomes small, the main reasons are the following.
  1, the air filter is too dirty, not enough air intake.
  2, Paulding rental generator fuel filter is too dirty, not enough fuel injection.
  3, the ignition time is not correct.
  Dongguan rental generators appear diesel generator set power becomes small, you must clean or replace the new air filter, replace or clean the diesel, oil and oil-water separator. Then adjust the ignition time. Therefore, users must pay attention to the use of diesel generators and various parts of the unit for the maintenance and maintenance, to reduce unit failure, but also pay attention to the correct operation of the generator set. For the failure of the unit should also be timely inspection and maintenance