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Generator maintenance to avoid misuse, these four points should be noted

July 27, 2022
   The use of generators to achieve better results, but also to prevent the emergence of phenomena affecting the use of the generator, to carefully identify some of the problems that exist in a good generator, timely processing, so as to avoid affecting the use, if the generator is found to be faulty, there are many repair methods that can be used, but also to avoid misuse, the next specific for you to introduce the common misuse of Dongguan generator repair.
  1. Equipment maintenance can not correctly determine and analyze the fault
  Dongguan generator repair some maintenance personnel are not clear about the mechanical structure and principle of the equipment, no serious analysis of the cause of failure, can not accurately determine the location of the fault. They blindly disassemble and unload the equipment based on approximation and similar ideas. As a result, not only the original fault was not eliminated, but also new problems appeared due to poor maintenance skills and techniques.
  2. Blind replacement of parts and repair of parts existed to varying degrees.
  Judgment and troubleshooting equipment is relatively difficult, some maintenance personnel always use the method of replacement test, whether it is a large part or small parts, as long as the parts may cause failure, will be replaced one by one. As a result, not only did not troubleshoot, but also randomly replaced parts that should not be replaced, increasing maintenance costs. Some faulty parts can be fully restored to their technical performance through repair, and can be repaired without a complex repair process. Maintenance, according to the failure phenomenon should be carefully analyzed to determine the cause and location of the fault, and take the repair method to restore the technical performance of repairable parts, to prevent blind replacement parts.
  3. There are many do not pay attention to the detection of parts with clearance. In the common diesel generator maintenance, the piston and cylinder liner fit clearance, piston ring clearance, piston top clearance, valve clearance, etc. have strict requirements. Maintenance needs to be measured, and the parts that do not meet the clearance requirements should be adjusted or replaced.
  4. When assembling the equipment, the parts are installed upside down.
  When repairing the equipment, some parts have strict directional requirements; only if the parts are installed correctly, the parts can work properly. Some parts do not have obvious external features and can be installed forward and backward. In practice, they are often installed in reverse, resulting in early damage to parts, abnormal mechanical operation, equipment damage accidents, etc.