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These maintenance matters must be paid attention to after the generator rental

July 27, 2022
   Generator this equipment as a very high-profile power generation equipment in recent years, today is the electrical age, the use of generators is very important, and in many places without electricity supply construction, the role of generators is more significant, is in the generator rental after the generator to pay attention to the use of generator maintenance, the following with this article, let us take a detailed understanding of it. Hope to help you in front of the screen.
  Generator rental after how to pay attention to the maintenance of generators matters.
  First, the main purpose of maintenance is to repair the unit after the failure. After the fault is repaired, there is no effective way to retest the unit with the actual load. It is impossible to compare the unit before and after the repair, and whether the unit can be used normally after the repair. There is no bottom line in mind, and the use of the unit after the next power outage cannot be completely free of concerns. However, daily maintenance cannot simulate the operating condition of the unit after power outage, and the fault only appears during the operation of the unit after power outage, so maintenance itself cannot avoid the loss of the enterprise.
  Secondly, maintenance refers to replacing the third filter for the unit within the specified time, no-load test run, etc. From the perspective of replacing the third filter, users basically replace it regularly once a year, and the number of operating hours of the unit is the basis for replacing the third filter. From the current method of maintenance situation, the annual running time of the unit is less than 5 hours (without power outage), which is far less than the time for replacing the third filter every year, so there is no need to use it.