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Cleaning methods for diesel generator set parts

July 27, 2022
   In the diesel generator set repair, often need to clean the exterior of the parts of oil, carbon, scale and rust, etc.. Because the nature of various dirt is not the same, its eradication methods are not the same.
  1, oil cleaning
  Parts of the exterior of the oil accumulation of thicker should be scraped first. Usually should be in the hot cleaning solution to clean the parts appearance of oil, commonly used cleaning solution alkaline cleaning solution and synthetic detergent. The use of alkaline cleaning fluid for hot cleaning, heated to 70 ~ 90 ℃, the parts immersed in 10 ~ 15 minutes, and then remove and rinse clean with water, and then blow dry with compressed air.
  2、Carbon eradication
  Carbon can be eradicated by using the simple mechanical eradication method, using metal brushes or scrapers to eradicate, but it is not easy to eradicate the carbon clean, and easy to operate the appearance of the parts. The best choice of chemical methods to eradicate carbon, that is, the first use of decarburizer heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃, the parts on the carbon expansion softened, and then eradicated with a brush.
  3, the eradication of limescale
  Water scale usually use chemical eradication method, caustic soda solution or hydrochloric acid solution, sodium fluoride hydrochloric acid descaling agent and phosphoric acid descaling agent to participate in the coolant, engine operation after a certain period of time, replace the coolant.