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Diesel generator set exhaust system equipment considerations

July 27, 2022
   The exhaust system of diesel generator set is defined as the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set that is connected to the engine room by the engine exhaust port after the equipment is completed. This includes engine specifications equipped with mufflers, bellows, flanges, elbows, pads and engine rooms that are connected to the exhaust pipe outside the engine room. The following generator rental manufacturers Yatong Xiaobian to our attention to the exhaust system equipment of diesel power generation system.
  Exhaust system should minimize the number of elbow pipe, shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe, otherwise it will cause the equipment exhaust pressure rise, resulting in excessive power loss of equipment, affecting the normal operation of the unit, reducing the power generation normal service life of the unit.
  Diesel generator sets of exhaust pipe diameter is usually based on the total length of the exhaust pipe 6 meters, up to an elbow and silencer. When the exhaust system has exceeded the specified length and number of elbows in equipment practice, the exhaust pipe diameter should be increased appropriately, and the fluctuation of the increase depends on the total length of the exhaust pipe and elbows.
  The top section of the exhaust manifold from the supercharger is required to include a flexible bellows section. The bellows has been supplied to the customer, the second part of the exhaust pipe should be flexibly supported to avoid unreasonable exhaust pipe equipment or additional side stresses, which is due to the relative displacement of the exhaust system during the operation of the generator set due to thermal effects caused by the increase in compression stress to the generator set, the exhaust pipe all support organization and suspension equipment should have some flexibility.
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  When there are multiple generator sets in the engine compartment, please note that the exhaust system of each generator set should be planned and equipped independently.
  Do not allow different units to share exhaust pipes to avoid abnormal movements during genset operation due to different exhaust pressures of the gensets, and to increase exhaust back pressure and avoid waste backflow through common pipes that can affect normal power output units or even lead to generator damage.
  To summarize.
  No matter what equipment there will be problems, the use of the process, we just need to pay attention to these issues to reduce the probability of failure.
  We must pay attention to these matters in order to take preventive measures.