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Large generator rental how to identify the judgment

July 27, 2022
        In the face of market needs, the need for large generator rental equipment increases from time to time, the future need for generator rental equipment will be considerable, the market space will have a big leap. However, there are generator rental manufacturers for their own benefit, choose to innovate with poor quality machines, and then rented to consumers. Some customers buy generators with a lot of problems when starting, the generator quality is not good. Why is this? The following is the quality of generator rental manufacturers to discern the way and the attention of the rental contract!
  A, the quality of the generator to discern the way.
  1. spray paint on the machine, which is intuitive to see whether the machine is innovative or spray paint twice, in general, the original paint on the machinery of the generator rental equipment is relatively average, no signs of oil flow. And very clear, giving a very authentic feeling.
  2. label. Ordinary no innovation in the machine label once in place, there will be no feeling of being lifted. In addition, all the labels of the generator rental equipment are not painted.
  3. pipeline pipe, water tank cover, oil cover, as the assembly of generator rental equipment, control pipeline pipe is generally first assembled and tested before stopping the arrangement. If the oil cover has obvious traces of black oil, the suspicion is that the engine is innovating. The new tank cover is generally very clean, but if it is used generator rental equipment, the tank cover will generally have yellow traces.
  4. oil, if it is a new generator rental equipment, internal parts are new, open a few times the oil will not become black. If you use a period of time, the oil will become black after a few minutes of driving.