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Diesel generator set oil change has a learning curve

July 27, 2022
        We all know that the diesel generator set oil needs to be changed regularly, otherwise it will bring a lot of damage to the generator set.
  The following is to carefully talk about how to replace the diesel generator set oil more convenient and safe.
  1. Start the engine, wait until the engine temperature rises to normal working temperature, while hot to drain the used oil (including the oil filter and radiator oil).
  2. Prepare cleaning oil according to the ratio of 1:1 of engine oil and diesel oil, and add the cleaning oil to the specified oil level. Start the engine, run it at medium speed for 5~10min, release the cleaning oil while it is hot, and clean it twice if necessary.
  3. Clean or replace the oil filter element, disposable filter must be replaced, centrifugal oil fine filter should clean the rotor cavity.
  4. When installing the oil filter, the filter should be filled with clean oil to ensure the amount of oil in the oil channel at the beginning of the start to prevent start-up wear.
  5. Select the appropriate brand of oil to add to the oil pan, tighten the drain screw when clean oil comes out of the oil outlet, and adjust the oil level to the specified height.
  6. Check the oil pressure after replacing the oil, if the pressure changes, it should be adjusted according to the relevant regulations.
  7. The engine should be turned without ignition for the first time, until the oil pressure gauge indicates, then the engine can be started, so as not to cause starting wear of the moving parts.
  In short, the correct selection, inspection and replacement of oil, is to ensure the use of diesel generator sets and extend its service life of an important link, must cause the use of the unit and maintenance personnel attach great importance.