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How to distinguish between EFI and ESC in diesel generators?

July 29, 2022
To better achieve this requirement, in addition to the entire diesel generator operation to be stable, the most important thing is how to achieve the speed adjustment automation. In this demand, the market has emerged two more common speed control technology, one is electronic speed control, the other is EFI speed control.
The purpose of both technologies is to control the speed by controlling the amount of oil sprayed out of the equipment, but there are still many differences in the specific implementation. Electronic injection uses electrical energy as the signal control technology to achieve the purpose of controlling the injection pressure and time of the oil delivery line.
In this system there is no so-called mechanical auxiliary mechanism, and has very good environmental advantages, in today's society is given higher importance. While the traditional electronic technology is more mature in application, but the key point is that it is through the mechanical system to complete the fuel injection control, its pollution of the environment is relatively large. In the future, with the development of the overall technology, electronic speed control technology is likely to gradually withdraw from the market, while EFI will become a technology to promote.
Electric injection diesel generator, changed the original diesel generator control category, is the beginning of the diesel generator to the green unit, because in the development of modern society, people have attached importance to the environment on social and economic sustainability, has attached great importance to transportation, especially the pollution control of gasoline engine cars, emphasizing the need for electronic injection control engine.