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What are the advantages of diesel generators in construction sites?

July 29, 2022
In the current environment of power supply, in any construction site, the stable and reliable supply of power is directly related to the necessary conditions for the smooth implementation of the project. If the supply system in the area where the site is located loses power, or the site has no utility grid power supply or unstable power supply, it will largely affect the project process and cause unnecessary losses, therefore, it is crucial to find alternative power sources that can be used in case of irregular or Therefore, it is crucial to find an alternative power source to ensure efficient operation of all equipment in case of irregular or no power supply from the utility grid.
At this time, you should have a diesel generator set or sets that can provide sufficient power supply, at this time, the generator set can be used with most of the equipment, so that you can have an efficient operation of the construction site, with all the necessary tools you need. If a stable power supply has been obtained at the construction site, the diesel generator will still play its great role, such as emergency power, or it can be used to supply power to any temporary tools and other tools.
For now, most of the construction sites at home and abroad are equipped with generators are diesel generators, this is because diesel generators have more powerful power, durability, safety and economy compared to natural gas generators, gasoline generators, which generally include the following advantages.
Safer and more stable power supply
  Diesel is not as flammable as natural gas or gasoline, so diesel generators are safer to use than natural gas or gasoline generators.
  Save money and time in repair, maintenance and servicing
  Since diesel generators do not have spark ignition, the frequency of generator maintenance is reduced. This reduces maintenance expenses and time, allowing the generator to serve the site more consistently.
  Diesel generators have a longer service life
  Because diesel generators require only lower maintenance and upkeep, they run cooler and can be used for longer periods of time than other types of generators such as natural gas and gasoline because they are more durable than other types of generators.