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How to determine the oil leakage point of diesel generator sets

July 29, 2022
1、Exhaust the gas in the oil circuit of the unit, start the unit, and the oil leakage is the leakage point.
2、Loosen the exhaust screw of oil injection pump and take oil by manual pump. If there is a large amount of bubbles in the oil discharged from the exhaust screw, and the bubbles still exist after repeating the manual pump, the leak point in the low pressure oil circuit from the oil tank to the section of the oil delivery pump can be identified. At this time, the section of piping should be selected, pressure gas should be introduced and put into water, and the oil leak point should be at the bubble.
Third, in addition to the unit piping problems, due to improper installation, deformation, aging and other reasons, the gasket at the interface of the pipe will also cause oil leakage, should also check these nodes in detail.
The oil leakage problem of diesel generator sets should not be ignored. When staff operating diesel generator sets, once the unit is found to be leaking oil, you can refer to the above methods to immediately repair the unit, find the oil leakage point and solve it as soon as possible to prevent waste and failure of the unit.