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What is the working principle of diesel generator

July 29, 2022
In the diesel cylinder of the diesel generator set, clean gas filtered through the air filter is mixed with the high-pressure mist diesel fuel injected by the nozzle. Under the squeeze of the rising piston, the volume decreases and the temperature rises rapidly to reach the ignition point of the diesel fuel. The diesel fuel is ignited, the mixture burns strongly, the volume expands rapidly, and the piston pushes downwards and is called "working". Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the piston's thrust is converted into a force that drives the crankshaft rotation through the connecting rod, which then induces the crankshaft to rotate.
The brushless synchronous alternator and the diesel crankshaft are set on the coaxial, so that the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator, using the coaxial "electromagnetic induction" principle, the generator can generate current by closing the load circuit to derive induction potential.
Diesel generator is a kind of AC power equipment of its own power station, which is powered by internal combustion engine to drive small individual power generation equipment.
Modern diesel generator consists of diesel generator, three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, control cabinet (screen), cooling tank, shaft coupling, fuel tank, muffler, common base, etc. The flywheel casing of the diesel engine is directly connected to the shoulder position along the axial direction of the front cover of the generator, which is directly driven by the flywheel, and the connection is fixed by screws. The two are connected by steel so that the coaxiality of the diesel engine crankshaft and generator rotor is within the * range.
In order to reduce the vibration of the equipment, the joints between the main parts of the diesel engine, generator, water tank, electric control box and the common base are generally equipped with dampers or rubber dampers.
A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and a synchronous alternator. The very high power allowed by the diesel engine is subject to the parts mechanical