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Summary of common faults of diesel generator sets

August 02, 2022
Diesel generator set is a necessary asset for people to solve the shortage of power supply, the equipment in the daily use of a variety of problems, and equipment maintenance is a way to prevent these failures.
  1, the generator set can not start
  2, the generator set smoke color is not normal, black smoke, blue smoke or white smoke failure
  3, the generator set sound abnormal failure
  4, rainy days, the generator set was flooded fault
  5, the generator set controller does not show, no response, black screen failure
  6, the fault of the fire genset
  7, the generator set electric ball burned, rewinding stator rotor failure
  8, imported EFI unit, EFI module failure
  9, generator set supercharger, cylinder oil leakage failure
  10, generator set high water temperature cylinder pull fault
  11, the engine runs normally, no voltage, no electricity failure
  12, generator set of low oil pressure alarm shutdown fault
  13, generator high water temperature alarm shutdown fault
  14, generator overspeed fault
  15, the generator frequency, speed instability fault
  16, the generator voltage instability fault
  17, multiple generator sets can not be parallel fault
  18, the generator set power down fault
  19, self-starting generator, can not automatically start or automatic shutdown failure
  20, the engine oil sump with water failure
  21, the generator set fan page breakage fault
  22, generator water pump leakage fault
  23, generator oil consumption increased fault
  24, the generator oil sump with diesel fuel failure