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Introduction to the four levels of diesel engine generator maintenance procedures

August 02, 2022
 A-level maintenance
  I. Daily:
  1) Check the generator work daily.
  2) check the generator: oil level, coolant level.
  3) daily inspection of the generator for damage, doping leakage, whether the belt is slack or wear.
  Second, weekly:
  1) repeat the daily A-level inspection.
  2) check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter core.
  3) Drain water or sediment from the fuel tank and fuel filter.
  4)Check the water filter.
  5)Check the starter battery.
  6) Start the generator and check for any effects.
  7)Use air qiang and water to clean the cooler front and rear heat sink.
  B-level maintenance
  1)Repeat the A level daily and weekly inspection.
  2) Change the generator oil. (Oil change interval is 250 hours or one month)
  3)Change the oil filter. (Oil filter replacement interval is 250 hours or one month)
  4) Replace the fuel filter element. (The replacement cycle is 250 hours or one month)
  5) Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (Water filter replacement cycle of 250-300 hours, in the cooling system filled with additional coolant DCA)
  6) Clean or replace the air filter. (Air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours)
  C-level maintenance
  1) Replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water and oil in the water tank.
  2) Adjust the fan belt tightness.
  3)Check the supercharger.
  4)Disassemble, check and clean the PT pump, actuator.
  5)Dismantle the rocker room cover, check the d-ring pressure plate, valve guide and intake and exhaust valves.
  6) Adjust the lift of the oil nozzle; adjust the valve clearance.
  7) Check the charging generator.
  8) Check the water tank radiator and clean the radiator outside the water tank.
  9)Add water tank treasure in the water tank, clean the water tank inside.
  10) Check the diesel engine sensor and connecting wires.
  11) Check the diesel engine instrument box.
  D-level maintenance
  1) Replace oil, diesel, bypass, water filter, replace oil and engine circulating water.
  2) Clean or replace the air filter.
  3) Disassemble the rocker chamber cover, check the valve guide, ding pressure plate.
  4) Check and adjust the valve clearance.
  5)Replace the upper and lower rocker room gaskets.
  6) Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt.
  7)Check the supercharger.
  8) Check the diesel engine electrical wiring.
  9) Check the motor excitation part of the wiring.
  10)Check the connection line in the instrument box.
  11) Check the water tank and external cleaning.
  12) Repair or replace the water pump.
  13)Disassemble and check the wear of the main shaft and connecting rod of one cylinder.
  14) Check or adjust the electronic speed control working condition.
  15) Align the generator lubrication point pressure injection lubricating grease.
  16)Dust the excitation part of the generator.
  17)Check the axial and radial clearance of the supercharger, if the difference should be repaired in time.
  18)Clean and correct the fuel injector and fuel pump.