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A brief introduction to the precautions in the operation of diesel generators

August 02, 2022
As the generator runs at high speed, there are high-speed running machine parts, do not approach the flywheel, belt, connecting shaft side or stand in the direction of its longitudinal line, to avoid flying objects hurt people. Half-monthly no-load test run, half a year with a load test run, remind to check the unit lubricating oil, fuel, water level and battery in a timely manner.
1, diesel generators in the process of operation and use, assign a person on duty to observe the operation of the unit, regularly add cooling water, fuel, pay special attention to the unit temperature, sound, vibration and instrumentation instructions, found abnormalities, generator rental company recommends that you should immediately shut down to check, in order to ensure stable, economic operation and output power quality qualified, smooth, do not turn on and off during the operation load.
2, the unit should be kept clean, no water leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage, leakage of electricity. The components on the unit should be intact, wired securely, with complete meters and accurate instructions, and no loose screws. Check whether the lubricating oil, cooling water and diesel fuel are sufficient before starting the machine, and if they are not enough or deteriorated, they should be added or replaced in time. Generator rental company recommends general machine running 250 hours to replace the oil, 50 hours to clean the air filter, other maintenance requirements in accordance with the manual and the requirements of the regulations.