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How to maintain the rental generator

August 02, 2022
Share how to maintain the rental generator, as follows.
1, the connection line: battery connection line and the fire wire head need to check often is not secure, the contact between the wire and the line is not normal, if not connected, will lead to electric sparks, more serious can lead to battery explosion, damage to the car.
2, installation to be secure: battery in the installation must be installed securely, to reduce vibration, the car in poor road conditions when driving, it is easy to vibrate the battery vibration off, and eventually damage the car, common is to make the car break down midway.
3, in the low-temperature climate under the protection: car into the low-temperature state, try not to completely discharge the battery, generator rental also remind you to pay attention to observe the electrolyte has not been frozen.
4, the height of the electrolyte: to maintain the height of the electrolyte is normal, is to protect the battery's performance and stability.
5, do a good job of rust prevention: usually in the maintenance of the battery to pay attention to the rust prevention work, and often clean the exterior, help prevent self-discharge.