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Common faults of diesel generators

August 02, 2022
In order to prevent problems with the equipment, we need to overhaul from time to time.
Common failures of diesel generators
A, diesel engine overheating
(1) cooling system failure
① air in the pump or water pipe to form a gas plug.
② lack of water in the cooling water tank.
③ cooling water tank heat sink and copper tube surface scale is too much.
④The fan drive belt is loose and the speed decreases the air volume.
⑤ Serious scale in the cooling system or blockage of the water channel.
⑥The impeller of water pump is damaged.
(7) The thermostat is out of order.
B. The diesel engine runs overload for a long time to reduce the load.
①Exclude the air in the water pump or water pipe, and check whether the pipe joints are tightened, no air leakage.
②Check the water level and add enough water.
③Clear the scale and clean the surface.
④Adjust the belt tension or replace the belt.
⑤ Clean the scale and unclog the waterway.
⑥Replace the water pump impeller.
⑦Check the thermostat and repair or replace it.
C. Check and readjust the oil supply in advance.