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Diesel Generator Air Discharge Method and Grounding Causes

August 04, 2022
Diesel generator sets in the use of the process will be a variety of problems, to understand the cause of the problem can layout the user to quickly solve the problem. For example, the presence of air in the body of the oil delivery pipe, then the user will need to exhaust the air, it is important to master the appropriate method.
Diesel Generator Air Discharge Method
Generally speaking, if you encounter difficulties in starting the generator set, or start to maintain shortly after the self-extinguishing, then it can be inferred that the oil circuit mixed with air, oil circuit air will bring a considerable obstacle to the operation, resulting in the generator set is difficult to start or move will be extinguished. Then the timely removal of air can be restored to normal.
Usually there are several common problems and solutions as follows:
1, if you do not have a wrench on hand to loosen the joint in the pipeline, you can repeatedly snap the hand fuel pump, to the fuel delivery pump to the injection pump section of the low pressure fuel line pressure is high enough, fuel from the relief valve into the fuel return line, the gas in the fuel line will be discharged from the relief valve.
2, if on the way, need to exclude the air in the fuel line, you can first loosen the bleed screw on the injection pump or loosen any of the joints between the diesel filter and the injection pump, and then by starting the drive mechanical fuel delivery pump. The leak will be sprayed with a smooth and bubble-free fuel, then tighten the above leak you loosened can be.
3, if the trailer-type generator, in the drive on hand without the right screw or wrench to open the injection pump on the bleed screw, you can unscrew the hand pump after loosening the diesel filter to the injection pump between any of the pipe fittings, and then by repeatedly pressing the hand pump to the joint from the discharge of a smooth flow of oil without bubbles, and then press the hand pump while tightening the joint, and then press the hand pump back to the original position.
4、Use a screw or wrench to unscrew any exhaust screw on both sides of the injection pump for several turns, and press the manual oil pump by hand until the discharge of diesel oil is continuous, smooth and bubble-free, with a "squeaking" sound. Then unscrew the air release screw, manually snap the oil pump back to the original position.
The Cause of the Generator Set Grounding
1, reduce the electric shock voltage. Generator set for the neutral point is not grounded system, when a phase grounded and the body touches one of the other two phases, the touch voltage for the phase voltage of 1. 7 times more; and for the neutral point grounding system, the touch voltage is reduced to close to or equal to the phase voltage.
2, quickly cut off the faulty equipment. For the neutral point is not grounded system, when a phase grounding, due to the capacitance of the wire and ground and insulation resistance, can constitute a current path, grounding current is very small, not enough to make the protection device action and cut off power, can not ensure personal safety. And for neutral grounding system, when a phase grounding ground current is larger, the protection device will quickly act to disconnect the fault point.
3, reduce the level of insulation of electrical equipment to ground. In the neutral point is not grounded in the system, when a phase grounded, will make the other two phases have to ground voltage rise to line voltage. And for the neutral grounding system, when a phase grounding, the other two phases of the ground voltage is only close to the phase voltage, so can reduce the insulation level of electrical equipment and transmission lines.